Fiber Glass Repair


Kevin Tetz & Paintucation take the mystery out of Fiberglass Repair! In this DVD, we cover the most simple repairs, to the most advanced projects, including Full-Panel replacement on a vintage Corvette. Simple two sided repairs are explained and demonstrated, as well as methods of preventing further “growth” in the fractured panels. Gellcoat is explained, and demonstrated. Kevin shows how to solve problems by properly sealing in a fiberglass repair with gelcoat. Modern SMC ( composites) are explained and repaired, and the “kit-car’ issues are dealt with, demonstrating how to eliminate mold-seam mapping through the paint. Kevin shows you safety tips, and how to eliminate or reduce “the itch!” that fiberglass is associated with. “Fiberglass Repair” will show you how to tackle almost any repair project with confidence!!

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